About us

Mygros is a family business with a long tradition dating back to the year 1922 when it was founded as a company for production and trade. Now it is run by the fifth generation of the Huzjak family. Until 1990 the company was a supplier to the largest food industries in Croatia and Slovenia, and in 1991 it started its own industrial production. Since 1997 the production takes place in the most modern factory of this kind in this part of Europe, and it is the only mushroom processing plant in Croatia. Our company has implemented highest food safety and quality standards.

The company's core business is processing and canning of mushrooms and olives. Besides that, vegetable processing is done as well, but with smaller capacity. Only top quality fresh raw material is used for production and the glass jars are filled manually. The production uses old homemade recipes which are adapted to modern technology. Thanks to our own innovations and procedures our products keep their natural appearance and taste. In our premium range we offer delicacy products of exquisite quality.

The company is situated in the vicinity of VaraĹždinske Toplice, in a picturesque place without any industrial plants around. Therefore we pay a lot attention to preserving its surroundings. As we wish to offer healthy food and have long-time experience, we produce high quality products without using chemicals or preservatives.

Our aim is to produce healthy and tasty high quality goods.